John Follaco

Notre Dame—and Notre Dame football fans by association—prides itself on being different. Winning is important. But character counts. The guys in gold helmets aren’t just football players. They are student-athletes.

That’s why it shocked many when Tommy Rees was greeted by a chorus of boos at Notre Dame Stadium as he entered the Purdue game last year. Sure, Tommy had struggled the year before. He committed turnovers that cost games. No fans would be happy about that. But booing a member of the Notre Dame student body? One who has worked hard and been selfless? That wasn’t our finest hour.

Tommy Rees will run through the Notre Dame Stadium tunnel for the final time Saturday afternoon. What better time for Irish fans to make amends? It’s time to #ThankTommy.

The timing seems odds. Tommy isn’t coming off his best performance. He made costly mistakes during the Pitt game that helped contribute to a disappointing loss. But, really, that’s what makes the timing perfect. It’s easy to thank people for having success. It’s easy to stand and cheer during good times. But it takes true character to show support when times are otherwise. And as we’ve already established, at Notre Dame, character counts.

When Tommy is introduced during Senior Day festivities prior to the BYU game on Saturday, the Turning Point is calling on Irish fans to #ThankTommy. Rise Up and give our quarterback a standing ovation. Chant his name. Thank him for his four years of dedication to the university and football program we all love.


#ThankTommy for the mental toughness he showed while filling in for Dayne Crist during his freshman season and leading the Irish to four straight victories. #ThankTommy for helping snap Notre Dame’s winless streak against USC. #ThankTommy for the classy way he handled the adversity he has experienced at Notre Dame. #ThankTommy for coming off the bench to lead the game-winning drive against Purdue in 2012—keeping the dream season alive. #ThankTommy for not holding the boos he was greeted with against us. #ThankTommy for mentoring Everett Golson. #ThankTommy for his other relief appearances last season. #ThankTommy for salvaging this season after Golson was suspended. #ThankTommy for his guts, heart, class, determination, and leadership.


Most importantly, #ThankTommy for being a Notre Dame Man. Notre Dame encourages their students to leave something better than they found it. Tommy, and his fellow seniors, have done just that.

Take a staND on Saturday. Give Tommy and the rest of the seniors the moment they deserve when they take the Notre Dame Stadium field for the final time.

Go Irish. Beat BYU.